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Fixing Experience is a team of media professionals experienced in the logistical, technical and scientific support of photographic, journalistic and filming projects for television and cinema. Based in Quito, our in-depth knowledge of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands facilitates the realization of audiovisual projects for journalists, photographers and any foreign production team requiring filming or reporting.

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Our services

Our in-depth expertise in the management of audiovisual and journalistic production projects, combined with our perfect knowledge of the field and its imperatives, will be a great asset to you on site.

Scouting - Fixing Experience


Curiosity is our ugly flaw, and we like to poke around for rare gems. Ecuador is our playground, and our team of adventurers will unearth the locations, characters, facts and elements best suited to your scenario, your budget and your needs.

Shooting permits - Fixing Experience

Shooting permits

Getting the right permit at the right time is essential for a smooth shoot. Don't worry, we know the ins and outs of the country's administrative machinery, and have a good understanding of both mainland and island administrative requirements.

Quotes and budget - Fixing Experience

Quotes and budget

For us, all shoots are of great interest, and we adapt to your project and your budget: a clear and rapid cost estimate, with no surprises thanks to over 15 years' experience and a network of reliable and loyal service providers.

Fixing - Fixing Experience


We operate all over Ecuador and Galápagos, which we know perfectly well from having explored it many times. Our team of fixers will be with you every step of the way, relieving you at all times and solving all your problems.

Equipment rental - Fixing Experience

Equipment rental

Some field projects can be hard on equipment. We are in contact with trusted rental companies in Ecuador that offer modern, quality equipment, and also have a complementary range of professional audiovisual equipment.

Transport and logistics - Fixing Experience

Transport and logistics

Need a cruise ship, a crane, a helicopter or a tractor? No problem, we'll find it for you. Before and during the shoot, our fixers will do their utmost to secure the most suitable logistical resources.

Fact-checking - Fixing Experience


Facts are the heart and soul of our business, and getting them right is essential. Our love of science drives us to seek out the right sources. Our constant interaction with the local population, and in particular the scientific community, gives us access to accurate, up-to-date information.

Translation - Fixing Experience


With their knowledge of the terrain, languages and local cultures, our local fixers will accompany you before, during and after your audiovisual project, so that you don't miss out on any crucial information on the spot.

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The Fixing Experience team - Fixing Experience

The Fixing Experience team

The Fixing Experience team - Fixing Experience

Fixing Experience is the symbiosis of a multidisciplinary and professional team putting its skills at your service. All the members of Fixing Experience have a rich and varied background, but above all a shared passion for Ecuador. They will put a lot of energy into bringing your audiovisual project to fruition. Depending on your needs, one or other of our collaborators will work with you. Until we get to know them in the flesh, here's a summary of their profiles.

Xavier Amigo

Fixer, setter, interpreter, translator, photographer, diver and passionate naturalist, he has accompanied a large number of photographic reports and filming projects for numerous international productions. A connoisseur of the South American continent and its birdlife in particular, he will be able to advise and support you before, during and after the production, thanks to his experience and informed vision of the country where he has lived for 30 years.

Dorian Noël

As a biologist and scientific illustrator, he knows the country very well, especially its natural and scientific aspects. He has illustrated and painted numerous species for various journals, magazines and scientific dissemination projects, and is particularly fond of fish. His long field experience in the Amazon makes him an invaluable asset when preparing your filming project in these special environments.

Pierre Ferron

Trained as an Arts et Métiers engineer and a jack-of-all-trades, resourceful and agile, he meticulously manages projects to bring them to fruition. But he's also a man of the field: scuba diver, rock climber, nature photographer, he loves action and will guide you to the country's best spots, on land and in the water.

Wilson Raura

Wilson, aka the king of the steering wheel, knows the country like the back of his hand. He's traveled it in all directions and in all climates, in minibuses and 4x4s to drive scientists, film crews, fragile equipment and musicians, with whom he's developed a very close relationship. Ask him to get out his trumpet and you'll see.

Sebastian Diaz

Sebastian is Ecuadorian, but studied in France. A perfect French speaker, he is also a member of a theater company. So he knows the imperatives of good organization. Sebas will be in charge of all the operational aspects of your project, organizing all the logistical details necessary for its smooth running. He's also a connoisseur of ancestral local culture.

Alicia Sangotuña

Alicia hails from Sigchos, in the heart of Ecuador's Cordillera Occidental. With a technical degree in accounting and a higher diploma in accounting and tax techniques (Pichincha College of Accountancy), she has been part of the Fixing Experience team since 2010, where she is one of its administrative pillars. Although you probably won't meet her, she is a key player in the agency and will ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Tomás Astudillo

Originally from Quito, Tomás studied cinema in Europe, where he completed a BA in Image at INSAS in Belgium in 2009, followed by a Master 2 - Documentary Creation at Grenoble - Lussas in 2010. He has worked as director of photography on national and international productions, both fiction and documentary. He has produced four feature films and several shorts. Tomás has programmed several film festivals and is also a film distributor in Quito.

Karim A.Soumaïla

A French director who is based in Brazil and has won prizes at the Villa Médicis and the Maison des Écrivains, he has been working in the French audiovisual sector for over 25 years. Among other films, he has directed a never-before-seen portrait of Brian de Palma for Canal Plus, as well as the TV movie 'Villa Belle France', which attracted over 4 million viewers. He has lived in Brazil for 13 years, and has produced a number of reports and documentary series, including 'En quête de Kardec' (8 x 24mn), shot between Europe and Brazil and broadcast in prime time on TV Cultura.

A random project - Fixing Experience

A random project

A random project - Fixing Experience

Snake tracker

One Planet - Alexandre Bar

90' documentary in 4K

Canal +, TV5 Monde, Planete + Canada

"Ecuador and Galapagos" episode

Herpetologist, explorer and photographer, Nathanaël Maury is creating an encyclopedia on reptiles and amphibians to pass on his knowledge to future generations. The "Snake Tracker" series follows him as he travels the globe in search of rare species.
In this episode, in Ecuador and the Galapagos, an incredible biodiversity opens up to him, not…

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Alexandre BAR – One Planet