Vu sur terre - Fixing Experience

Vu sur terre

Producer : Patly Productions, with the participation of France Télévisions

Realisator : Scott Schneider

Format : 52' episode

Distribution : France 5

Year : 2013

Episode : "Ecuador" episode

Fixing Experience
Vu sur terre - Fixing Experience

Vu sur terre

“Vu sur terre” is a series of documentaries that first of all proposes to observe and learn to love our planet, in order to evoke its fragility and better protect it.

This episode on Ecuador presents this small South American country, bordered by the Pacific Ocean and crossed by the Andes Cordillera, kingdom of majestic volcanoes, while to the east opens the immense Amazon basin.

We follow Xavier, a French ornithologist who has lived in Ecuador for over 20 years; Jorge, a microlight pilot; Armando, a mountain tapir specialist; and finally, Téo, one of the best guides in the Amazon and one of the few to venture out on the rivers that run deep into the jungle.

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