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The Fixing Experience agency

Logistical, technical and scientific support for audiovisual projects

Fixing Experience

Fixing Experience is a team of media professionals experienced in the logistical, technical and scientific support of photographic, journalistic and filming projects for television and cinema.

We are based in Quito and our in-depth knowledge of Ecuador facilitates the realization of audiovisual projects for journalists, photographers and any foreign production team needing to shoot or report in Ecuador and the Galapagos.

We’ll help you with everything from location management to obtaining the necessary permits to shoot your film in Ecuador, including directing, equipment rental and casting.

Fixing Experience is a brand of the Nature Experience Group, which specializes in film and journalism. Nature Experience offers a full range of services in Ecuador and the rest of South America. Our subsidiary Toucan Express offers a range of professional transport and logistics services for all types of specialized projects.

Our team of experienced professional fixers offers production support (fixing) services for international film crews, filmmakers and journalists throughout Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Our fixers will help you solve any potential problem, from location scouting to general production assistance, including casting, rental and operation of filming equipment, organization of local logistics and translation before, during and after audiovisual production.

Our production assistants have a professional understanding of all production needs in the field to ensure a successful photographic, television or film production. Thanks to their experience, our fixers can take on a wide range of technical roles on location to support your pro team, such as production manager / production assistant / crew recruitment, camera assistant, etc…

Ecuador is among the most sought-after new destinations for journalism, reportage and photo shoots. Shooting in Ecuador gives access to a large number of locations as varied as they are sublime. Its small size, exuberant diversity, excellent road network and availability of modern, varied services make Ecuador one of the most sought-after locations for the world’s top producers and directors.

Filming wildlife or natural events for television is our specialty. We have supported many world-class productions looking to film rare and iconic species. The knowledge and passion of our staff, specialized in all aspects of the natural world, will help you achieve the best video footage in the best possible way.

Every year, international productions use Fixing Experience’s services to film the flora and fauna of Ecuador and the Galapagos. Our naturalist knowledge and life science expertise will be a great asset to your projects. We are proud to have supported extraordinary wildlife documentaries for Arte, Planète+, France 5, NHK and BBC. Even during the months of the pandemic, Fixing Experience remained active and continued to host several film crews on projects as diverse as they were exciting!

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